Sri Goda Stuthi – 25

Sri Periyaperumal, Sri Andal and Sri Rangamannar


Oh GodhE! Your Lord hands out impartially the fruits of the good and bad karmAs for the chEthanans. If He did not do so, He would be considered as the One, who is partial to some and erratic in His treatment of the chethanams. Oh GodhE! Your overflowing compassion for the suffering jeevans is such that You find it difficult to look at the punishments meted out by Your Lord even, when the chEthanams deserve such punishments. You devise a method to interfere with the Lord’s duties of punishing the jeevans, deserving such punishment. You charm Your Lord with various gestures of affection towards Him and He loses His sense of independence and becomes completely under Your influence. The end result is that You protect the Jeevans -that erred-from the wrath of Your Lord.

The bhOga gesture of Godhai that makes the Lord lose His svathanthram is the knitting of Her beautiful brows (BhrUkshEpam). That gesture intrigues the Lord with its BhOga Rasa aanukUlyam. It enhances His affection for Her.He comes under Godhai’s spell and thus becomes Paaratantryan to Her Charms. The aparAdhams of the Jeevans are then overlooked by the Lord. Such indeed is the influence of Godhai over Her Lord.


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