Sri Stuthi – 25

Ahobilam Senchulakshmi thAyAr
Ahobilam Senchulakshmi thAyAr

The 25th slOkam is the Phala Sruthi slOkam for SrI Sthuthi

The key passage if this slOkam is: “Sarasija nilayA: yEthath sthOthram paDantha: sakala kusala seemA sArvabhoumA: bhavanthy” (Those who read this hymn on Periya PirAtti with Her abode on the (golden) lotus flower will reach the boundaries of all MangaLams and become Emperors of this earth).

Word by word Meaning:

upachitha = fully grown
Guru bhakthE: = with the huge bhakthi (for Sri Devi)
VenkatEsAth utthiTam = that (the sthuthi) which arose from VenkatEsa Kavi
prajAnAm = for the People (samsAris)
kali kalusha = the dhOshams associated with life in Kali yugam (The AarbhAttams / kOlAhalams /attavArams of Kali Purushan)
nivruthyai = for removal of (these Kali kalmashams/blemishes)
KalpamAnam Sarasija nilayAyA: = (this sthuthi) fit for SrI Devi seated on on an appropriate (golden) Lotus flower as Her abode
yEthath sthOthram paDantha: = those who read/recite this hymn on SrI Devi
sakala kusala seemA bhavanthy = they will become possessors of the limits of all MangaLams on this earth.
sArvabhoumA: bhavanthy= They gain all Mangalams through the performance of Prapatthi to Her and thereafter cross the boundary of earthly MangaLams to enjoy the nithya MangaLam of Moksha Sukham in Sri Vaikuntam.

Meaning according to Dr.NarasimhAchAry Swamy:

VenkatEsA out of intense devotion composed this hymn on MahA Lakshmi, which can remove the evils of the Kali age. Those who recite this hymn will become emperors and enjoy unlimited all round welfare.

Meaning according to Villivalam Sri Narayanachar Swamy:

Arising from VenkatEsa Kavi filled with lofty bhakthi, this hymn with the power to dispel the ill effects of Kali yugam from people will confer the utmost among MangaLams and make them rulers of the earth ultimately.

Additional observations on this slOkam passages:

“Guru bhakthi” here refers not to AchArya bhakthi but to a big (lofty) bhakthi of the VenkatEsa Kavi for SrI Devi. “VenkatEsa Kavi “ is the Kavi Simham, Swamy Desikan, the GhantAvathAram of Lord VenkatEsa of Thirumalai (Saptha Giri). In the yugam of Kali, when the cow of dharmam stands on one leg awkwardly and the achAram /anushtAnams decrease rapidly, there are lot of sorrows (Kali kalusham). Those agitations / perturbations of the mind can be removed however by the recitation of SrI Sthuthi with Bhakthi (Kali kalusha nivruthyai paDanthy). The dear consort of the Lord seated on Her abode of red lotus (MahA Lakshmi) banishes the Kali dhOsham of Her devotees and blesses them with the most supreme MangaLams, accepts their SaraNAgathy and ensures that these BhakthAs enjoy ParipoorNa BrahmAnandham at Sri Vaikuntam through nithya, niravadhya Kainkarkayams to Her and Her Lord.

KavitArkika Simhaaya KalyANaguNasAlinE
SrImathE VenkatEsAya VedAntha GuravE nama:


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