Saligrama Mahimai – 13 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 13)

Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications
 Salagrama inscribed with Chakra is manifestation of LORD VISHNU. If we were not able to locate the inscription too we can consider it as LORD VISHNU and worship.
 “Harir Uvacha : NirlakshanaSubha SukranvidhaSilarchanath”
 Meaning: LORD Hari Says:- It is more preferable and easy to worship Salagramas without any inscription than Salagramas with Chakra inscriptions.
 This is easy too. We can assume the Lord of our desire on these Salagramas and can worship.
 Though not possible to worship specially, having Salagrama in the household itself is more divine and sacred.
 Those who are unable to perform poojas and regular Aradhanam (formative worship), can offer Milk and Rice and perform Aarathi is enough to get benefits.
 Women folks can too offer Prasad without touching Salagrama.
 Vaishanavites are advised to get Samarsrayanam (Pancha Samskaram) for performing Salagrama Aardhanam. Remaining can get blessings and directions from a Guru and then start performing Salagrama Aardhanam.
 Whatever it is , the main core element to be in mind is “HARI BAKTHI”.
 Now.. before commencing any Aardhana, the following five ‘Suthi’ (Clean up) is very important.
 Sareera Suthi (Bodily Clean Up)
Sthala Suthi (Worship Place Clean Up)
Pathra Suthi (Things /Utensils Clean Up)
Kara Suthi (Hand Clean Up)
Manas Suthi (Mind Clean Up)
 It may be questioned that Hand may come as part of Body, so why to clean up separately. But these are Cleanup by Mantras. So it is required.
To be continued..
Courtesy Saranya Vs
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