Sandhyavandanam….Why? Part-3


This is a series of articles written by Sri U Ve. Uruppattur D Soundararajan Swamy

Nila / ground bhagam

Hitherto jalabhaga karma Now, this nithya karma shifts to the ground ( bhoomi)

As said already, adiyen’s intention is to tell the enormous benefits that derive when we perform Sandhyavandana and not to give word-by-word meanings to the mantras.Having this in mind, adiyen proceeds further

Preparation for Gayatri manthra jabha:-

This is in three parts
1. Pranavam
2. Vyahrities
1.Pranavam:- Head of the Veda single syllable in three parts

a)        whole Universe

b)        it’s creation

c)        preservation & destruction

though differently interpreted by Sages at different times. But, it is comprehensive and mere sound.When we pronounce, it gives transcendental bliss

2. Vyahrities :-  Comprehensive realisation of the entire Universe…………. seven.., but in Gayatri manthra, 3 vyahrities are used. Seven Sages are responsible for these seven vyahrities. Chandas/metres… seven. Presiding Deities are also seven 

The above are followed by “pranayama”

3. Manthram:– Then, invocation of Gayatri Maathaa She is the spirit of the Universe, having all potency and transcendent, resplendence etc.This Manthra is in four parts

First consisting of three vyahrities—to bring before the performer the whole Universe in all it’s parts in a complete shape

Second, third, & four are 3 lines which give meaning thus;

” Which “Tejas” awake the sleeping ‘janendriyas” and conduct them , which upasana “tejas” responsible for the entire Universe as” Soorya”, that “tejas ” of Soorya is meditated ( It is practically not easy to give meaning to this richest and vibrant manthra But this is an childish attempt for which adiyen begs your pardon ) his conveys our obeisance to that Divine which kindles our spiritual intelligence and enhance it further and further, when we do “jabham” 108/1008 times during every three Sandhyavandana performances everyday This is a kind of spiritual exercise , when practiced, adds countless molecules in our spiritual activities and intelligence. Repeated performance of jabha adds our spiritual power correlating us and effecting wonderful organic relationship between us and Divine God and bring more and more unbelievable anugraha on the performer

Such of this spiritual faculty in us increases spiritual potency and prepares us supreme in intelligence, understanding, & provides us spiritual control over others besides giving vitality, beauty, intellect, strength, power etc etc

Then udvasana.Gayatri has the reference to SUN-GOD, the source of light, the origin of fire ,eye of the Universe etc

Soorya-darshan.Here, it is necessary to tell about” Soorya-darshan “during the performance of “Madyahnikam”. This ” darshan” when observed strictly according to the instructions, will give clear eye-sight throughout one’s life, without any eye-disease. There is specific manthra to this Sattvika-tyaga

Every karma should be done without attachment. At the beginning of each karma,” Sattvika-tyaga” should be done. There are elobarate meanings to this” Sattvika-tyaga” But, in a very short line,it can be said thus;–

This “karma” has been commenced for the happiness/joy ( preethi) of Sriman Narayanan and at the end of the” karma “it has to be said that this karma has been completed for the happiness of Sriman Narayanan .

With the following slokas, we complete this work on” Sandhyavandanam “

1. Sandhyaheena: achuchi: nithyam anarha: sarvakarmasu I yath anyath guruthe karma na thasya palabakbaveth

2. Sruthi: smruthi:mamyva ajjaa ya: thaam ullangya varthththe I ajjaachchethi mama drohi mathbakthospi na vaishnava:

3. Prathassanthyam sa nakshatram madyamam snanakarmani I sadhithyam pachchimam sanththyam upaseetha yathavithi

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  1. We do most of the things blindly without understanding the inner meanings of daily rituals. The Why part cannot be explained properly by anybody. What has been taught about why arghyam – is the water turns into swords and fight the asuras who try to catch up with the sun. But inner meaning is entirely different. To put it in nutshell without going into details – is – main part of japa- is proper meditation. This is not mere repetition this should be done by focussing ones mind on who is the one who is giving light, when attention gets distracted, japa should be chanted. But this is not possible, because nobody has time and patience to pursue right knowledge. So like parrots mere repetition but mere repetition will also bring solace because vibration created by older generation of rishis can be connected if repetition is done with concentration.

  2. Hello all

    will share my feedback:

    To be honest, i started performing Sandyavandanam since last year. ( my Upanayanam was in the year 2002). As per advice from one of my close relative, i started doing this very meticulously. As a result of this, today, in the place near Tulasi maadam where i used to Gayathri japa ( along with other mantras on Narasimhar, Sudarsanar and Panchamukha Anjaneyar), i could see the image of Narasimhar and Anjanyer on the compound wall. Initially, i thought its just some image.. Now, the image is very clear on the wall picturing Anjaneyar and Narasimhar sitting together. Thanks for the advice from my elders. Its long way to go.

  3. Dear Sudarsan

    Sandhyavandhanam is performed (for mere pleasure of bhagavan)and to become more Sattvika in nature which is the ultimate benefit. Only then will the mind become more composed and calm to understand deeper meanings and rise to a higher spiritual platform. At age 21 adiyen was given upanayanam but started sandhya only from 27, now adiyen is 32, i could clearly see the difference in my attitude.Hope this help “why” we should do it


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