Adaikkalapathu: Pasuram 7


Thiruvahindrapuram Sri Devanathan Perumal Temple Swami Desikan Aani Sravana Purappadu5


The Lord is resplendent at the sight of the prapannaa and blesses him to enjoy all of His Isvaryam and looks at the prapannaa with great compassion and reveals through the gesture of Abhaya Mudraa that his (jeevan’s) one-time prapatthi alone is sufficient to enjoy all of that bliss and Iswaryam of the Lord. adiyEn surrenders my aathmaa to that glorious and merciful Lord, who grants such matchless boons.


The Prapatthi Vaakyam equivalent is “Umathu adikaL adaihinREn”. The Prapatthi has to be done only once with the utterance of the Prapatthi Vaakyam. The Prapannan becomes known as “orukkaal uraitthavar”. Bhagavaan reveals through His abhaya mudhrai that it (the single utterance of Prapatthi Vaakyam) is enough to gain the Phalan of Moksham (anjal yenRu karam vaitthu –ini amayum yenpaar). The satisfied Lord gives all of His Iswaryam for the prapannan to enjoy and is resplendent with joy (Tamathu anaitthum avar tamakku vazhangiyum Thaamm miha viLangum amaivu udaya AruLaaLar).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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