Tumburu Teertha Snanam In Tirumala



Tumburu Teertha Snanam (Mukkoti) will be observed religious fervour in tirumala on April 3rd 2015, in the famous water falls which is located about 16km from Tirumala shrine, in the deep forests of Seshachala Ranges.

As per the temple legend there are over 66 crore teerthas located in Tirumala ranges and among them seven are said to be most auspicious which includes, Swamy Pushkarini, Tumburu, RamaKrishna, Gogarbha, Akasa Ganga, Papavinasanam and Chakrateerthas.

Bath or a holy dip in these sacred teerthas during their specified auspicious hour in a year, will wash away all the sins and physical impurities and free from re-birth. So tens of thousands of devotees hailing from many states take part in this torrential water festivals every year in Tirumala. Especially, Tumburu teerthas which happens to be one Of the most difficult teerthas in terms of its geographical positioning is visited by scores of pilgrims on the advent on Panguni Uttram day which falls on April 3rd  this year.




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