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Thiruvali Thirunagari Vedupari Utsavam 2015

On the night of 2/4/2015 we had  the oppurtunity to witness Vedupari Utsavam at Vedarajapuram. We were staying in Annankoil where our friend Sri Venkatramani and Hema have put up house away from the din and rush of city life. They took us to see the enacting of Tirumangai Mannan’s Vedupari utsavam at a spot in between Tiruvali and Tirunagari called Vedarajapuram. We left home at about 12.00p.m. and as the car drove across forests and fields we wondered if we would be waylaid by thieves. As we headed towards our destination policemen instructed us to park the car in the adjoining fields and asked us to walk to the spot where Perumal and Thayar were waiting. As we entered two boys wearing parivattam and garlands were heading towards the spot. These were the dhuthas(messengers) who conveyed the news of the presence of a newly wedded couple in the vicinity to Tirumangaiazhwar at Tiruvali temple.

 As we went near the red velvet palanquin we saw the newly weds completely covered from Head to Feet as They are traversing dangerous territory. Suddenly we see hundreds of torches (clothes wound round in circular frames dipped in oil) carried by boys and men and following them on the royal Adal-Ma horse Tirumangai Mannan dressed in blue velvet riding clothes covered with ornaments and jasmines wrapped stylishly around his hair holding a long spear. As the Super Thief came rushing towards the palanquin he took count of the jewels and is mighty pleased at the Loot he is going to get. As Tirumangai Azhwar gets Sparsham (divine touch) of Perumal gnanam dawns on him and he moves to a corner to contemplate. Meanwhile Perumal and Thayar go behind the screen to give sevai on Garudazhwar. While we sit on the sands devotees go to have darshan of azhwar at close quarters and to admire the exquisite jewellery and dress. Fireworks light the skies and against the moonlit sky (it is pournami) it seems as if countless stars of various colours have come down to light the scene. Huge sparklers waved continuously from left to right bowing their heads in obeisance to the Divya Dampathis and Nam Kaliyan. Once ready Perumal Thayar emerged on Garudazhawar and Tirumangai mannan comes as Tirumangai azhwar in total humility, slowly this time and does pradakshinam of Perumal/Piratti and the recital of the Vadinen Vadi takes place after Azhwar gets the garlands of Perumal and Sri Sathari blesses his head. As we return home it is almost 3.30 a.m. and as we get to bed our thoughts are full of theevetis (torches), crackers, sparklers, Aadal Ma, Tirumangaiazhwar and of course Perumal and Thayar.

The following are some of the video clippings taken during the utsavam…

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  1. Oh..lovely..u just watch a school,@ the enclave of the Temple….proud..pride, i completed my schooling since from 1959 to 1964..what a memorable school days?
    i enjoy always,,,sweet pongal,puliyotharai,milagu pongal…still i feel the aroma!
    today i am more than 61 years old……


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