Keelaiyur Sri Ranganatha Perumal Temple Thiruppani Kainkaryam


Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple_02

As per the niyamanam and anugraham of Paramahamsetyadi Srimath Srimushnam Andavan, the thiruppani kainkaryam of the ancient Sri Poorva Ranganathaswamy Temple, Keelaiyur (near Nagapattinam) is being undertaken by the Keelaiyur Sri Ranganatha Perumal Sankalpa Trust, and expected to be completed by the end of July 2015. Devotees may take this opportunity to participate in this kainkaryam and receive the blessings of the Divya Dampathis.

The following are the details of the Thiruppani along with some of the photographs of the temple:

Keelaiyur Kainkaryam appeal Keelaiyur Kainkaryam appeal2Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple5 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple6 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple7 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple8 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple9 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple1 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple2 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple3 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple4

Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple_02 Keelaiyur Ranganatha Temple_03

For more details, kindly contact:

Keelaiyur Sri Ranganatha Perumal Sankalpa Trust (Regd.)
Old No.11, New No.19, Car Street, Triplicane, Chennai – 600 005.
Ph : 044 2844 0707
(Reg No: 106 OF 2014)
Patrons Trustees
Sri Dr. S. Partha Sarathy (Ph. 94449 37188)
Sri R. Srinivasan (Ph. 98401 58156)
Sri S. Narayanan (Ph. 98400 68904)
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