Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Perumal: Brahmotsavam Day 8



On 27 August 2015, Manmadha Varusha Aavani Uthiradam, 8th day of Brahmotsavam was celebrated at Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Perumal Temple, Pondicherry. Vennai Thazi Thirukolam for hayagreevar in mangalagiri along with Sri Chatravata nrusiman had thiruveethi purapaadu. Several astikas took place in the brahmotsavam. The speciality of this temple deity is Lord Hayagreevar is made of Salagrama stone. Lord and mother are embracing each other with their left and right hand respectively.

The following are the photos taken during this Utsavam:

Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-22) Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-25 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-4 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-15 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-3 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-18 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-16 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-7 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-21 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-12 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-1 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-6 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-24 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-14 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-5 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-22 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-11 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-19 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-10 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-23 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-13 Pondi-Sri-Lakshmi-Hayagreeva-20

Courtesy: Vijay Apv

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