Dwadasi Mahimai


Ekadasi vratham is observing total fast (suddha upavasam) on Ekadasi tithi. People fast on ‘Ekadasi’ day and have ‘Dwadasi Paranai’ (special food or thali) on the next day which levels the acidity and the menu by itself is fantastically medicated. We don’t use tamarind for this thaligai(samayal). The menu is as under:

1. Rice
2. Mor kozhambu
3. Agathi keerai kariamudhu (poriyal)
4. Poricha kootu
5. Poricha sathumudhu(Poricha rasam)
6. Nellikkai pachadi or Nellikai thogayal
7. Akkaraadisil or any kannamudhu (payasam)
8. Sundakkai vathal fried in ghee
9. Curd

The following article explains Dwadasi Mahimai written by Sri Krishnaswami Iyengar Swami..

Dwadasi-Mahimai_02 Dwadasi-Mahimai_03 Dwadasi-Mahimai_01 Dwadasi-Mahimai_04 Dwadasi-Mahimai_05

To know more about Dwadasi Recipie please visit: Dwadasi Paaranai Thaligai

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