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Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaapurana_00The 3 volume books “SRIMAD BHAGAVATHA MAHAAPURANA” was written by Sri K.R.Krishnaswami. Srimad Bhagavatha occupies a unique place in the religious literature of our country. Even as a work of Sanskrit literature its place is quite high. While other puranaas talk about dharma, artha, kaama and moksha, Srimad Bhagavathaa deals with moksha alone. It is considered ‘the head qurters of divine love in theory and practice’.

The place occupied by this Mahaapuraana can be gauged by the fact that the number of commentaries written on it is only next to Srimad Bhagavadgita. The commentaries on it are also varied- advaithic, dvaithic, vishistaadvaithic and so on-that it has earned the name ‘Shaasthrasaarvabhauma’.

Moksha apart what benefits does this puraana confer? If at all one is looking for materila benefits like good progeny, fulfillment of unfulfilled desires, marriage, freedom from debts/ enemies/ misfortunes, and the clutches of spirits, all these and many more benefits can achieve. But the main goal is to achieve Bhakthi, jnaana and vairaagya. It is declared that the servant of bhakthi viz., mukthi, comes to you by herself(mukthim dhaaseem dadhau thubhyam).


In the first volume spanning over four skandhas one would get to read about Lord’s avataaras, Viraat forms, Manvantharas, detailed accounts of Lord Kapila(and his mother), Kardhama Prajapathi, growth of human embryo Lord’s avathaaras, renderings which are didactic, the famous Rudrageetha and several other interesting topics. It covers almost 90 stories. This book costs RS.210. Copy of this book could be purchased from Here is the direct link to purchase this book


Listed below the contents of the book.

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 1-1 Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 1-2 Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 1-3 Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 1-4


The second volume covers five skanthas, and as many as 108 stories are narrated. The main stories which are compellingly important for one to read are:



3)Vishwaroopa’s teaching of  “Naaraayana Kavacha” to Indra

4)Dialogue between Naarada and Yudhishtira

5)Gajendra Moksha

6)Yayaathi’s full story

It does not mean that others are not important but sometimes reading a book leaves behind some memorable aspects/tiles in one’s mind. All the stories pick up some threads and your knowledge about the Lord and devotion to him increase strengthening your faith in Him. The price of the book is Rs.270. You could buy the copy of this book from Here is the direct link to purchase this book


Listed below the contents of the book.

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 2-1

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 2-2 Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 2-3 Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 2-4


Dashama Skandha, the tenth chapter, which is the most celebrated part of Bhagavatha covering Lord’s exploits in reducing the burden of evil on earth. This single skandha comprises 90 stories/episodes and accounts for almost 30 percent of the entire Bhagavatha purana. It has episodes related to such well known characters like kamsa/Channora, Shishupaala/Danthavakra, Narakaasura, Banaasura, Poudraka, Shaalva besides sports like Raaskreeda and lifting of Govardhan mountain.

What more, a glimpse of Lord’s life through the eyes of Naaradha who visits as many places as he could, of Sri Krishna’s 16,000 queens. Depiction of Viraha and attendent outpourings of gopis are a class of the highest form of bhakthji, a pitch not even attained by ‘rishis’ and ‘munis’. Add to this, Draupadhi’s curiosity to know from Sri Krishna’s prime queens the episodes of their wedding with Him. All these go to make ‘dashama skandha’ the most compelling part of this Puraana or all Puranas, Which one should read.

This book costs Rs.300. The copy of this book is available at Here is the direct link to shop this book


The contents of the book are given below.

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 3-1

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 3-2

Srimad-Bhagavatha-Mahaa-Puraana_Vol 3-3

One could shop these three volumes of Srimad Bhagavatha Mahaa Puraana by clicking the following link

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