Thoopul Swami Desikan Aani Sravana Thirumanjanam & Purappadu


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Durmukhi Aani Sravanam(June 24th 2016) Swami Desikan came in purappadu to the Madaveedhis of VaradarajaPerumal koil from Thoopul. Every Sravanam Swami Desikan comes usually in the morning at about 8.30 a.m. blessing the denizens of Vishnu Kanchi. He stops infront of Varadaraja Perumal’s ‘gopura vaasal’ before turning left onto West Mada veedhi then turned right on North mada veedhi and then to East mada veedhi, south maada veedhi, aanai katti street and then back to Thoopul along Tirukacchi nambi street. The residents get thrilled on seeing Swami at their doorstep and realise that all they can do in return is offer dandavath pranamams. However long one gazes at swami’s Tirumeni it does not seem enough.

At about 10.30 a.m. Tirumanjanam took place for Deepaprakasar with Shriya and Vasudha, Maragathavalli Thayar (because it was a Friday) Lakshmi Hayagreevar and Swami Desikan. It was a visual treat to witness the milk, curds, honey, raw-coconut water, sandal paste and turmeric tirumanjanam. As the Tulasi garlands adorned the Divya Dampathis and Swami Desikan(the unparalleled guru) everyone present realized their soubhaghyam(good fortune) to be present in Thoopul that day. Aural treat was provided by the sonorous notes of The Vedas and the beautiful rendering of the Tirumanjana kattiyam. Theertham and Srisathari was given to everyone present. SwamiDesikan’s Tirumeni is what adiyal would like to visualize on the final journey to Srivaikuntam. It used to be Krishna before setting eyes on Thoopul Kulamani. The screen was then drawn for alamkaram.

After alamkaram Swami adorned his new ‘abharanam’-the pillaianthathi garland offered by Sri SriKrishna DesikaYatiJeer of Pomona (New York) Sri Ranganatha temple which follows Sri Ramanuja Sampradhaya as propounded by Swami Desikan and followed by the jeers of Sri Ahobila Muth. The golden plate was used for offering Tulasi and camphor. Swami Desikan’s accepting of these offerings is really satisfying. After Sattrumurai Perumal Theertham. srisathari and a variety of good quality prasadams were distributed to everyone present. Devotees planning a visit to Kanchi should visit Thoopul specially if it happens to be Sravanam.

The following are the photos taken during the occasion:

Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_00 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_01 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_02 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_03 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_04 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_05 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_06 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_07 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_08 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_09 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_10 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_11 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_12 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_13 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_14 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_15 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_16 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_17 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_18 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_19 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_20 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_21 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_22 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_23 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_24 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_25 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_26 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_27 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_28 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_29 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_30 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_31 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_32 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_33 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_34 Thoopul-Swami-Desikan-Aani-Sravanam_35

Photos & Videos: Sri Sundararajan , Writeup: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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