Koorma Jayanthi At Srirangam Dasavatharan Sannidhi



Aaani Krithikkai (1 ST July 2016) Koorma Jayanthi was celebrated at Srirangam Dasavatharan Sannidhi. Koorma avatharam is listed as the second among the ten avatharas of Sriman Narayana. Every time Narayana takes avatharam Lakshmi too takes avatharam. Koorma is an interesting avatharam in the sense that Sriman Narayana assumed multiple Forms during this avathara. During the churning of ‘The Ocean of Milk’ devas and asuras did the churning, the churning rod was the Manthara Mountain and Vasuki was used as a rope. The devas held the tail and the asuras the head and the churning was done but the churning rod got stuck. Who could help but Narayana who was churning along with the devas. Within seconds He assumed the Form of a gigantic turtle with a back which was more than hundred yojanas in width. He thus became the Foundation for the biggest mountain and the churning was resumed. The nectar emerged and He emerged as Dhanvantri holding the amritham. Again distribution time came and He emerged as Mohini. This then is the uniqueness of Koormavatharam.

It was a blessing to be resent in Dasavathara sannidhi on this occasion and behold the Beautiful Turtle being bathed in milk, raw coconut water turmeric and sandal paste after a liberal application of sesame oil. The Shanku and Chakram on the Tirumeni reminded us that this was no ordinary turtle. How Beautiful He looked after sorting Tiruman and silk vastram garlanded with jasmines. It being dwadasi devotees got paduka blessings at the Brindavanam of Srimad Azhagiyasingars and perumal theertham, paduka theertham, srisathari and prasadams at Dasavatharan sannidhi.

Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_00 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_02 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_03 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_04 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_05 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_06 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_07 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_08 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_09 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_10 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_11 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_12 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_13 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_14 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_15 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_16 Srirangam_Dasavatharan_Sannadhi_17

Courtesy : Sri Sundararajan & Write up – Smt.Vyjayanthi Rajan

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