Thula Kaveri Maahaathmyam – Part 15



From the mid of October month, the holy month of Thula (Aippasi in Tamil) starts and Thula Kaveri Snanam is an important religious occasion in this month. This article describes in detail about Thula Kaveri Maahaathmyam and will be beneficial for those who plan to take dip in Holy Kaveri during Thula and equally too to those who can offer mAnasIka prayer to the river who can’t make it personally to the river during this month. This article is written by Sri U.Ve. sArasAragnar mahAmahOpAdhyAya PerukkAraNai mAdabushi chakravarthyAchArya swAmi.

Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_00 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_01 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_02 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_09 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_03 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_04 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_05 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_10 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_06 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_07 Thula-Kaveri-Mahaatmyam_08

To be continued…

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