Rayanallur Sri Varadaraja Perumal Panguni Uthiram: ThiruKalyana Utsavam

Sri Varadaraja Perumal

Sri Varadaraja Perumal

On 30th March 2018 (Hevilambi Panguni Pooram), Kalyana Utsavam happened for DivyaDampathis in Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Rayanallur. On this occasion, the kuthuvillaku was lighted and the kalasham was garlanded. Perumal stood in His sky blue with green mappilai veshti and Thayar in orange silk saree with blue border. Both Perumal and Thayar had great alangaram. Exchange of garlands took place for the DivyaDampathis. Puja for the kalasham and kankana dharanam (tying of yellow thread around the wrist) was done for the Divine Groom and Bride. Perumal and Thayar were covered with rose and jasmine garlands. Then, Thirumangalyadharanam took place. Several devotees participated in the Thirukalyana Utsavam and had the blessings of DivyaDampathis.

Some of the photos taken during the Thirukalayana Utsavam are as follows:

Sri Varadaraja Perumal    

Photo Courtesy : Sri Pichai Deekshidhar

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