Thotti Thirumanjanam and Kuthurai Vahanam at Kanchi


On the eigth day of the Brahmotsavam Varadhar had Thotti Thirumanjanam which is a very sampadayic function. As per shastharam, once we go out side we need to have a bath to a bath to get rid of the theetu. This is the reason Varadar had his thirumanjanam out side the temple when the ther was completed on the seventh day. Eighth day event is a continuation of the seventh day event. To restore the sanidhyam, thirumanjanam is performed to our Devathirajan. All the holy rivers are invoked in a silver gangalam (big size thotti) and our Vardar along with Ubhaya Nachiyars have their thirumanjanam. This tradition is very unique to Vardar and is not performed part of Brahmotsavam in any other temple, with the exception of Prahalada Varadar kovil in ahobilam.

After the Thotti Thirumanjanam in the afternoon, our Perarulalan mounted on Kuthurai Vahanam in the evening.

Perarulalan got dressed in pure white vastharam and galloped around the main streets of Kanchipuram. The white vastharam added more beauty to the most beautiful. Perarulalan wore a white thalapa as his head gear, it is different to the sikkuthadai that he worn during his thiru ther.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be seen below:
















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