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Nimitha Karmaanushtaanam – Common Questions

This page contains answers to various question that comes in our mind with respect to Nimitha Karmaas. This information is compiled by Sri Desika Seva Ratna Nelvoy Sowmyanarayanachariar Swami as a part of an yearly panchangam. If one goes through these questions, its clarifies many of our doubts related to Nimitha Karmaanushtaanas


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  1. Respected Sirs,


    For the benefit of Shrivaishnavites who are unable to read or write Tamil, Dasan requests you to look into the possibility of publishing “Nimitha Karmaanushtaanam” in English Language so that it would benefit most who reside not only in India but also all over the Golobe.

    You may also think of publishing all types of Questions and Answers (on any Subject related to Shrivaishnavism)in English for wider reach of spectrum.

    Hope the humble request would be fulfilled.

    Adiyen Ramanuja Desika Dasan,


  2. Can you kindly publish the Nimitha Karmaanushtaanam in English also. That would be very helpful.

    offcourse, to that list i would add ‘learning to read and write Tamil as one more item’ 🙂

    Appreciate your help on this.


  3. Sir / Madam,

    Nimitha Karmaanushtaanam – Common Questions – If this was in English, it would have been possible for me to read and understand.

    However, this is a request.

    Please do the needful to publish an English edition also.

    Further, am looking for a deeper insight into Abhivadanam. Especially the Rishis, the Sutras their actual meaning, their roles, how we are under a particular Gothra/Suthra / Rishi etc.

    Kindly help.

    My mobile : 99625 81010

    Thanks and regards
    K. Sridhar

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