Oonjal Utsavam at Sri Balaji Temple in Hazira, Gujarat


Hazira Temple_Gujarat_00

Oonjal Utsavam is being celebrated grandly this week at Sri Balaji Temple in Hazira in Gujarat. This utsavam is celebrated every year for 15 days in Aadi-Avanai Month. On day 1, Perumal blessed the devotees as Sri Prasanna Venkateswaran, On day 2 as Sri Vatapatrasaye, day 3 as Sri Vasudeva Krishnan and day 4 as Sri Paramapathanathan.  The temple also has separate sannidhis for Sri Seetha Rama, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Chakrathalwar.

Some of the photos taken during day1 to 4 of this year’s oonjal sevai can be viewed below:

Hazira Temple_Gujarat_01 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_02 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_03 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_04 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_05 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_06 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_07 Hazira Temple_Gujarat_08

Courtesy: Sri Adithya

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