Adaikkalapathu: Pasuram 10


Perundevi Thayar



adiyEn has joined without fail the majestic and glorious feet of the Lord, who is never separated from His beloved consort. He has the most bewitching beauty. He is an ocean of mercy. His dayaa for His devotees is unmatched. He is omniscient. He is easy of access to His devotees. He has the chEthanams and achEthanams as His body. He is the supreme Lord of all this universe. He is the one, who creates, protects and destroys all of this world and its beings. These auspicious attributes will never part company with the Lord. adiyEn has now arrived at the sacred feet of PeraruLaaLan of such anantha kalyaaNa guNa vaibhavam just as a clearly aimed arrow reaches its intended target without fail.


Swamy Desikan states that he has indissolubly blended with the sacred feet of Lord Varadhan of such ananatha KalayaaNa guNams through the performance of Prapatthi. Swamy Desikan describes the greatness and glories of Lord Varadaraajan with chiseled words: He has Mahaa Lakshmi (ThirumahaL), who never leaves Him; He has the most enchanting body (Thiru Vadivu); He has apaara karuNai for those, who sought His refuge (ThiruvaruL); He has clear Jn~aanam and is Omniscient (teLL aRivu); He is bhaktha sulabhan (arumai ilaamai); He has the chEtanams and achEthanams as His body (uRavu/Sambhandham); He has the matchless ancient Kingdom (aLappu ariya adi arasu); He is the One, who creates, protects and dissolves every thing as the Supreme Being (amaippu /creation, aLippu/protection and azhippu/destruction). He is changeless (kalakkam ilaavahai ninRavan). He stays as the boon granting Varadhar (aruL Varadhar). He is a steady target (nilai ilakku) for the Mumukshus to offer their Prapatthi. adiyEn has arrived at this target like an arrow shot by a skilled archer and have united with those sacred feet (AruL Varadhar nilai ilakkil ambhu
yena nAnn amizhnthEn).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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