Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 50


Srirangam Ranga Nachiyar

Pasuram-27 continued 

4/3/2015 was the 50th day of Ubha.Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s upanyasam which started of as “Tiruppavai and Tirunedunthandakam” Once Tiruppavai was completed swami took up Tirunedunthandakam at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam. He took up the finer points of Pasuram-26 and 27 for the lecture. The post-prappathi should be spent in the company of bhaghavathas in archanubhavam and dharma-vicharam. Parakala nayaki sends as messengers the honey-bee and the naarai pakshi(crane) to Perumal .The message to be conveyed is her distraught state caused by separation from her Nayakan (Perumal).” Wait there patiently if required and convey my message to Him” she pleads.” If you convey my pitiable condition to Him without hiding anything I will reward you amply .”She tells the crane that the whole garden will be given to him to enjoy with his mate and the fish-filled ponds will keep them happy as long as they lived.

The crane represents acharya and however much we do for our acharya is less considering the magnitude of their upakaram (favour) they do for us by offering our atma to Him during saranagathi.

Parakala nayaki is like Periya Piratti and has the capacity to confer moksham like Perumal. Pirrati has the additional charge of doing siffarish ( recommending soul’s) to Perumal . Perumal sometimes takes up this job like when He takes Draupadi to Bheesma to do namaskarams and she obtains his benedictions of “dheergha sumangali bhava”. But generally He listens to Piratti’s recommendation and acharya’s recommendation. Acharyas are greater than Perumal as they are the ones who reveal Him to us. He is “utthpathi kaaranam”(the cause of creation)and acharyas are nyukthi kaaranam(They show us Perumal). The naarai’s getting the whole garden as reward indicates that prappanas opt for driptha prappathi(moksham at the end od their life-span) and not aarthaprapathi(immediate moksham)s so that they can spend their time on earth enjoying archanubhavam and kalakshepanubhavam  as also Bhaghavatha kainkaryam and acharyashrayam till they shed their mortal coils.

Amuraviappan and Sourirajan are not different from Ranganathan. Like He is Nayakan to Sri, Bhu and Neela Devi in every divyadesam He is Parakala nayaki’s Nayakan too in every divyadesam.

Swami set to explain the sukshmartham (inner meaning) contained in the use of the adjective six-legged when talking of the honey bee. Bhattar says that the six legs help them to reach Terazhundur faster than the usual two legs. So Parakala nayaki uses this term. Again when Parakala nayaki offers her namaskarams to the honey-bee the six legs touch her head and purify her with their paada-dhooli.(dust of their feet)

Krishna after His avatharam was over, regrets that inspite of moving so close to His devotees they mistook him as one among them and failed to understand His paratvam. Arjuna who was so close to Him and got Geetha upadesham failed to seek saranagathi . So He took avatharam as Ramanujan who gave the correct meaning to “shruthi-vaakyams” and redeemed many many people. People listen to acharyas and Perumal listens to acharyas. We can proudly say “NamPerumal, Nammazhwar and Nam swami as this is satvika ahamkaram.” Parakala nayaki’s involvement with Sourirajan is like Ananthazhwan’s involvement with Tirumalai (Srinivasa) and Parasara Bhattar’s involvement with Azhagiamanavalan and Somasiaandan’s involvement with Ramanuja. Parakala nayaki during viraham remembers the happiness she experienced when He was present and by recalling the joy of union the pangs of separation is reduced. Swami refered to the association and fulfilling experience with acharyas (an obvious reference to swami’s closeness with his acharya Tirukudanthai Andavan) Acharya nemanam (wishes) can be fulfilled during their lifetime itself or afterwards. The joy of being close to acharya doing kainkaryam and seeing the glow of satisfaction on their face is a great experience to treasure. Parakala nayaki believes that He would not desert her after hearing about her suffering. He does nigraham and anugraham, makes us feel sorry for our transgressions, makes us do prayaschitham ,purifies us and takes us to His Feet. Parakala nayaki says that even if He has left me I will recollect the days of togetherness and spend the rest of my life joyously.

Writeup & Video by : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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