Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 3


Uraiyur THirupanazhwar

Amalanadhipiran day 3
Ubha Ve Dr S Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariyar (Pudukkotai Vasudevan) swami continued his upanyasam on Amalanadipiran on 7/3/2015 at his residence on Melur Road Srirangam. Swami started by giving a gist of the previous upanyasam in which he had dealt with the meaning of the words amalan, aadhi and piraan. He has Sarveshvaratatvam.  He is sarvakaaranathvam ,exists as nimitha,upadana and sahakarikaranams and is piraan (parama upakari). We can never repay the upakarams done by Him. The parakaashtai (height) of His upakaram is making us His dasas.  Nammazhwar  describes Srivaikuntam as Ponnulagam and Perumal’s Tirumeni is golden, Azhwar calls the birds as rulers, pakshi refers to acharyas who have two wings-gnanam and anushtanam.They take us from this world to Srivaikuntam. The meaning is that Perumal listens to acharyas .As Rama He tells Vishvamitra that He and Lakshamana are waiting like kinkaras(servants) to fulfil his commands. He is a swatantran and as Swami Desikan avers in Kaamasikashtakam”If He decides to Protect He will protect and if He decides not to protect He will not protect.”Such an all-powerful Perumal has deemed it fit to take ‘yennai'(my lowly self) in His fold. Bhattar in his Tirumanja kattiyam “tvam me aham me” records a conversation beween jeevatma and paramatma.When Perumal tells the jeevathma that he belongs to Him the jeevatma says he is independent. Perumal says that is not possible and I have repudiated this claim in the Geetha. And who was the witness asks the jeevan. Well ask wise men like Vyasa and Bodhayana. But these men are partial to You says the jeevan.” This piraan makes us His dasan and dasas of Bhaghavathas.

Swami then took up the word vimalan which means He is ‘nitya nirdoshan'(always blemish-free).He is Ishvaran because He has no faults. Mukthatmas and Nityasuris too have no faults but this state is achieved by His sankalpam whereas His vimalatvam (faultlessness) is svabhavikam (natural) to Him.

The next word ‘Vinnavar kon’ means He is the swami (master) of nityasuris. His Paratvam is talked about in uyarvarum and again in the 2nd decad and 4th decads of Tiruvaymozhi .His Paratvam makes us scared to approach Him but He is accessible to one with bhakthi . He has saulabhyam. That is why He has descended from Srivaikuntam to Tirumalai which is filled with sweet fragrances. Azhwars have desired to reside as something in Tiruvenkatam. Yes He is swami to Surya deva but did He not accept the mud-flowers offered by the potter Kurumburutha nambi? In archa He forgets His ‘swa swamibhavam’ and becomes a plaything in the hands of archakas. He becomes archaka paradeenam. Paratvam and sausheelyam(affability) are His qualities and He forgives the worst of sins, infact He overlooks them. When Vibhishana comes across the ocean seeking Rama, all the vanaras including Sugreeva disuade Rama but the saranagatha vatsalan stands His ground and says that He will abide by His vratham- Protecting the saranagathan at all costs. This gunam is revealed by the word Nimalan.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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  1. Very nice upanyasam by Dr .S. Lakshmi kumar Thatachariyar.
    When he explained each pasuram ,felt like being with Perumal in vigundam.Looking forward to hear more upanyasam from him through Anudinam.


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