Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 21


Srirangam sri NamperumalAmalanadhipiran Upanyasam by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan) Day-21 Pasuram-10 – Sattrumurai

On May 8th 2015 Ubha.Ve. Dr Lakshmi kumara Tatachariar swami ‘s discourse on Amalanadipiran reached the final pasuram beginning’kondal vannan’.Azhwar’s anubhavam of Perumal reaches its zenith and his ecstasy is such that he doesn’t remember to mention his name or give any particulars about himself.’ Kondal’ refers to rain bearing clouds. When we sight ‘kalamegham’ in the midst of the scorching summer’s heat we get happy. The peacock spreads out its colourful feathers to dance. The rain that falls on earth does not make any discrimination. It falls on all places equally. Perumal’s grace is such and it drenches and cools . Bhojakavi paints a beautiful picture thus:The 33 crores of devathas were suffering due to the atrocities of Ravana. Rama the Kalamegham came with Seetha as lightning and satisfied the thirst of the chathakapakshis that is the rishis and munis .The sea is vast and deep and filled with water but cannot quench one’s thirst. But Perumal is like cool fresh water . His anugraham ends everyone’s ‘tapatrayam’. This gunam was manifest in Krishnavatharam when He mingled with the Vrajavasis . Rama’s saranagatha vratham is seen all through The Ramayana. Incidentally Valmiki gave the name’Paulasthyavadam’ for this mahakavyam but on realizing that it was Seethaya charithram and she was none other than Rama(Lakshmi) he named it as Srimadh Ramayana. Parasara Bhattar in his Gunaratnakosam says Rama protected  those who fell at His Feet but Mother Maithili protected even those who troubled Her and tortured Her, that is the rakshasis surrounding Her and threatening Her in Asokavanam. The Mahabharatha talks about the greatness of the Messenger. He did anugraham to the ignorant gopis and took care of the horses of the pandavas. Tiruppanazhwar does anubhavam of Periya Perumal as ‘Kovalan’(Gopala n) While the devas were offering dhoopam Krishna  took avatharam and finished it too. He descended from Vaikuntam to Mathura and went to Gokulam the same night.Why ? Because He wanted to be near Nappinai(Radha). The two had such mutual Love that while Radha was churning an empty pot lost in Krishna thoughts, He was milking a bull for hours  thinking about Radha. The word ‘Go’ has several meanings: Cows, arrow and gnanam are some of them. Paratva-Saulabhyam is conveyed by’ Kovalanai’.Krishna the butter-thief was caught red-handed on one occasion and inorder to cover up his theft he applied butter all over Himself. He loved ‘haiyangaveenam’(just churned butter in a liquidy state) and took avatharam in ‘idai kulam’(idai in Tamil means in between) to show that He is in the middle of  Brahma and Shiva. These gopis did not  not what 8 and 2 were but they knew 3 vey well. 8 means the ashtakshari and two dwayam but 3 is Govinda namam. Though ashtaksharam and dwayam are vyapaka mantrams it is the name Govinda that is loved by Krishna. In’ Tirumaalai’ Tondaradipodiazhwar talks of the three syllabled name which saved Kshatrabandu. Sarvalokasharanyan came amidst the gopis and enjoyed their butter as if it was something out of the world.He got tied up by Yashoda and got caught stealing butter by so many gopis. He stole butter and hearts. He took residence in hearts like ours and stays there permanently. After seeing the Beauty of Each part He also revealed His Samudhaya shobhai (Whole Beauty). He removed ‘ ahamkaram mamakaram ‘ by showing His ‘ Archa-Tirumeni’ During Krishnavatharam He did upadesam of karma yoga to Arjuna, He took him to Srivaikuntam to bring back His guru Sandheepani’s sons . Inspite of this Arjuna did not believe He was Paramatma.

Andarkon –He is the Ruler of the Cosmos and still He took orders from the cowherdesses of Vrindavan. Those Feet which were sought after by the Vedas were   engaged in stompimg on the cowdung heap at the back-yard of a gopi’s house.  The One who makes the sun shine and the stars twinkle and is’ Sarvaniyamakan.’(Supreme Commander).The Paratva Saulabhya swaroopam does nityavasam (lives daily) in Srirangam  and even Nityasuris desire to come to Srirangam. This Paratvam has made a home in my heart and resides there always.Tiruppanazhwar calls Ranga as his ‘Amudham’(Amritham). Amritham is what all devathas sought and went through so much trouble to procure it. But ‘Yen Amuthan’ (My Nectar) is such that we get to enjoy Him along with Lakshmi in Srirangam. We are like the lame man who was on his way to Kashi for a dip in the Ganges but on his way Shiva was doing his tandava nrithyam and the Ganga from his locks fell on the lame man and he had Ganga come to him instead of him proceeding to the Ganges.

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