Sri Nathamunigal Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Villivakkam Mani Mandapam



Sri Nathamunigal Thirunakshatram was celebrated at Mani Mandapam ( Desikan Sannidhi) , Villivakkam on June 18th 2016. As part of the vaibhavam THIRUKOSHTIYUR MADHAVACHAR  took part in the special seva.  Madhavachar swami was welcomed with Poorna Kumbam by Vasudevachar of Mani Mandapam. Raju swami welcomed Madhavachar with a poem.

 Thirukoshtiyur Madhavan Swami delivered special upanyasam about Nathamunigal and the other  important  srivaishnava happenings during the month of Aani. While narrating the  Avatharam of Nathamunigal ,  Acharyans interest in finding out the NALAYARA DIVYAPRABHANDAM , rendering the same  with Pan and Isai  thereby initiating the system of Arayar seva etc..  He also touched upon the other important srivaishnava sambandhams during the month of Aani  such as  the avatharam of Periyazhwar  ( AANI ANUSHAM) of srivilliputhur and his famous ” pallandu ”  Pasuram.

In addition to this he also dealt in length  about  Bahyakars 18 visits to Thirukhostiyur to know  Thirumandartham  from Thirukoshtiyur Nambi. The Thirumandartham being revealed on “AANI CHITIRAI”. He further described that Bahsyakar went on top of  Gopuram of Thirukoshtiyur temple on the  next  day  i.e. AANI ANUSHAM  and  disclosed the THIRUMANDIRARTHAM to the benefit of all. He highlighted the selfless sacrifice of Bashyakar and requested  that all of us should follow his path  during the 1000th year  of Bashyakar.
The members of AAMODAM ( the sloka group of Mani mandapam) consisting of young boys, girls, elder astikas  recited DAYASATHAKAM of Swami Desikan. The seva ended with satrumurai.
The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_04 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_00 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_01 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_02 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_05 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_06 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_07 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_08 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_09 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_11 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_12 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_13 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_14 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_15 Villivakkam-Mani-Mandapam_16

Courtesy: Sri Ravikumar, Sri Uppili Srinivasan

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