Nagai Sri Soundarraja Perumal Day 7- Periya Thiruvachi 2017



As part of the Ongoing Panguni Brahmotsavam at Nagapattinam Sri Soundarraja Perumal Temple, On 7th April 2017, Dhurmuki Varusha Panguni Magam is the day 7 of Soornothsavam, in the Morning Perumal Purappadu started with Vedha Prabandha Goshti  at 11.30 am on Sandhana Padichattam and visited Sri Navaneedha Krishnan Sannidhi, where the Thiruvadi Thirumanjanam was held for Sri Soundarraja Perumal & Sri Navaneedha Krishnan.

At 4.30 pm Soorna Uthsavam was held for Sri Soundarraja Perumal & Sri Navaneedha Krishnan followed by Theerthaprasadam Viniyogam to Goshtiyars and all Sevarthigals. Afterwards, Sri Soundarraja Perumal Purapadu was held with Rettai Kudai Sevai around the Madavilagam where all the Bakthas in their house to perform pooja with Prasadam, aarathi in each and every house. Along with Perumal Veda Prabanda goshti, Rig Vedha Koshti and Sama Veda Koshti are performed in the Madavilagam.

At around 8.00 pm Sri Perumal Purappadu in ‘Periya Thiruvachi’ Vahanam with Special set of Thiruvabaranams, Which includes Panchayudham and Rathna Kreedom. Then, around 12.30 am Sri Soundarraja Perumal  Ezhundarulal  from Periya Thiruvachi vahanam followed by “Thiruvanthikappu” Kandarulal with gada Dheepam. After that  Sri Soundarraja Perumal “Palliyarai” Ezhundarulal was held  at 1.00 am.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion are as follows…

Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_01.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_02.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_03.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_04.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_05.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_06.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_07.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_08.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_09.jpg Nagai_SoundarrajaPerumal_PeriyaThiruvachi_10.jpg

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