Thiruvaali-Thirunagari Hevilambi Panguni Brahmotsavam: Thiruther and Thirukalyanotsavam


On 30th March 2018 (Hevilambi Varusha Panguni-Pooram), Rathotsavam took place in Thiruvaali- Thirunagari. In the morning for the event of thiruther, Vayalali Manavalan with his consorts had beautiful alangaram.  Here, Perumal gives the privilege of a separate Thiruther for Thirumangai Azhwar with His consort Kumudha valli Naachiyar. Hence, a pair of chariots were all set for the grand purappadu. Lots of devotees participated in that wonderful event and received the blessings.

On 29th March 2018 (Hevilambi Varusha Panguni Magam), Thirukalyana Utsavam took place in Sri Kalyana Ranganatha Perumal Temple, Thiruvali. In the morning, Sri Kalyana Ranganathan and Amirthavalli Thayar came to the kalyana mandapam. The kuthuvillaku and the kalasham (silver pot with mango leaves at top and a coconut placed in the centre) were placed in front of DivyaDampathis. Perumal stood in His blue vasthram and Thayar in yellow silk saree. Perumal and Thayar were covered with rose and jasmine garlands. Then, Thirumangalyadharanam took place while the Nadhaswaram was played. After that, the Divyadampathis had Oonjal sevai.  Several astikas participated in the Utsavam and received the blessings of DivyDampathis.

Some of the photos taken during that occasion can be viewed below:



Thirukalyana Utsavam

Sri Kalyana Ranganatha PerumalSri Kalyana Ranganatha Perumal

Photo Courtesy: Sri Soundar Rajan and Sri Sravankumar Sriram

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