Sri Sailachaariar Swami 100th Year Celebration at Bangalore


Kumara Sri Sailachariar Swamy, periya Swami of Mudaliandan Thirumaligai’s 100th year Thirunakshatram is scheduled to be celebrated by Sishyas in Bangalore, Karnataka from 30th April 2012 to 4th May 2012. Varthamana Acharyan is expected to be in Bangalore from Last week Of April after Mudaliandan Thirunatshatram in NazarethPettai for Chithiraiyil punarpoosam till 15th May 2012.
More details are available at:
Alll Sishya’s and Abhimani’s of Mudhaliandan Swami is requested to take part in the Celebration and have Acharyan’s anugraham.
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