Book Release : Lakshmi Upayatwa Deepah With Tamil Commentary Lakshmi Kataksham


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Sri PErundhevi ThayarBook Titled  “Lakshmi Upayatwa DeepaH’ with Tamizh commentary “Lakshmi Kataksham” Authored by   Srimad Srinivasa Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Swamy (22nd Pattam Parakala Swami), the commentary was done by MahomahopAdyAya Sri U Ve Paiyambadi Chetlur Srivatsankacharya Swamy. The book was released on the auspicious occasion of thirunakshatram of Srimad Abhinava Vaageesha Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mahadeshika [Chaitra – Revathi; April 27, 2014], The book is published by  SrI Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakalaswamy Mutt Publications, Mysore.


Rs.250 (India), US$15 (Overseas).


Books are available for sale at India and USA. Orders can be placed by sending an email to or calling  Sri Parakala Matham’s Publications at +91-9902819933, +91-9902819944.


Our Ramanuja siddhantam unequivocally states that parabrahma-vastu is SrI-lakshmI-nArayaNAtmakam. The divine couple together make for a single Supreme entity – “ubhayAdhiShThAnaM chaikaM SEShitvam”. lakShmIpatitvaM is an asAdhAraNa-lakShaNam of the Lord. These topics have been elucidated, expounded and established firmly by several masters of yore in their celebrated treatises. One such work is “Lakshmi-upayatva-deepah”, composed by the 22nd pattam Acharya SrinivAsa parakAla swAmy of the ancient SrI-brahmatantra-swatantra-

parakAlaswAmy maTham. Similar to SrutaprakASikAchArya, this Swamy in his pUrvASramam had carefully assembled this work in the form of notes during the kAlakShEpams imparted by his Acharya, the 21st pattam SrI MahAparakAla swAmy. The work is replete with rare insights, pramANams and further fortifies the central theme of our parama-vaidika-SrIvaiShNava-SrIsampradAyam. It examines several prima-facie arguments based on tarka-vyakarana-meemamsa and vedanta concerning the upAyatvam attributed to SrI. The AchArya has refuted these in a scholarly manner and has established the siddhAntam on the sound basis of pramANams.

Earlier, a century ago, this monumental work was published in telugu lipi during the times of the 32nd pattam AchArya Sri VAgISa brahmatantra swatantra parakAla swAmy. It is indeed the sankalpam of the AchArya parampara that the reprint of this work in sanskrit lipi along with a commentary has been accomplished under the auspices of Srimadabhinava vAgISa brahmatantra swatantra parakAla swAmy.

Upon the niyamanam of our prakrtam AchArya, SrImadabhinava vAgISa brahmatantra swatantra parakAla swAmy, this ancient work has been provided with a scholarly commentary in tamizh titled “Lakshmi kataaksham” by SrI u. vE. payyambADi cheTlUr SrIvatsAnkAchArya swAmy. It is indeed the paramAnugraham of our AchArya paramparA that this rare SrIsUkti has come to light along with an easily understandable commentary. The commentary in tamizh by SrI SrIvatsAnkAchArya swAmy is very comprehensive. The complex aspects from tarka-vyakarana-meemamsa streams have been conveyed by the author in a very simple way making it appealing for beginners as well. The work is replete with references to SrIbhAShya and SrImadrahasyatrayasara. The book comes as a fine supplement to the studies on SArIraka SAstra.
Lakshmi Upayatwa Deepah-1 Lakshmi Upayatwa Deepah-2

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  1. Nice work, My humble request…please also publish with translation the work of 2nd Ahobila mutt jeeyar swami – ‘Purushakara meemamsa’. It will be of help to the astikas as well.


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