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Thenbirai Andavan Thirunakstram Celebrations at Srimath Andavan Ashramam, Tirumala

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On 25th of August 2013; Vijaya Aavani Revathi, Srimath Thenbirai Andavan’s varusha thirunakshatram was celebrated grandly at Srimath Andavan Ashramam at Tirumala.

To read in detail about Thenbirai Andavan along with HH Srimath Srimushnam Andavan’s upanyasam visit: Today Srimath Thenbirai Andavan Thirunakshatram. Earlier, Srimath Veadantha Ramanuja Mahadesikan, popularly known as Nammandavan/Srimath Therazhundur Andavan’s thirunakshatram (Aavani Poorattathi) was celebrated grandly at Therazhundur Sri Amaruviappan Divya Desam near Mayiladuthurai on the 23rd August 2013, along with Srimath Vazhuththoor Andavan’s Tirunakshatram: Therazhundur and Vazhuththoor Andavan Thirunakshatram at Sri Amaruviappan Thirukkoil

On the 25th of August 2013, HH Srimath Srimushnam Andavan received Therazundhur Emperuman’s malai mariyadhai during Srimad Thenbirai Andavan Thirunakstram celebrations at Tirumala. Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be viewed below:

Srimath Andavan_Tirumala_1 Srimath Andavan_Tirumala_2 Srimath Andavan_Tirumala_3 Srimath Andavan_Tirumala_4
Courtesy: Sri Thiruchitrakoodam Sowmyan Rangan

HH Srimath Srimushnam Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Desikan is observing the 25th Chaturmasya sankalpam at Andavan Ashramam,Tirumala, since 23th of July 2013. Some of the related news and photos are as follows

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